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How we helped Femwell modernize their physician facing app?

A blog about helping USA based innovative healthcare application to grow their business.

The Client

Femwell Group Health is Florida’s leading management services organisation (MSO) providing cost-effective business solutions so physicians can efficiently and profitably run their practices.

The Challenge

Femwell wanted to revamp & modernise their doctor facing app: Femwell+.

It allows doctors to make and view referrals, view financial information, learn about discounts they can get, amongst other things.

Our Developed Features

  • FingerPrint/FaceID Login

  • Find a doctor by specialisation

  • Refer patients to doctors

  • Find nearby doctors by geolocation

  • Favourites Doctors list where you can access doctors easily

  • Reports of percentage receipts, charges etc.

  • Referrals list(both inbox and Outbox)

  • Share doctors info through any media or contact doctor

  • Check-in(attendance) to any Organisation events by scanning QR code

  • Can access TopLine MD portal

  • Attendance history of events

  • Vendors list

  • Meeting and Events list

  • Doc Talk (Can view Blogs on health tips)

  • Chat between doctors

  • FAQ, Help & Messages

Key achievements of the project

Making Doctors’ Search Hassle-Free

In our discovery process, we found that the no#1 goal of the app was to enable doctors to refer their patients to the right specialist doctors.

We also realised finding a doctor was hidden under too many layers; it wasn’t intuitive enough. We brainstormed about the high-level details to finding doctors easy and execute them with our best of efforts.

The user-friendly user-flow

We divided all the parts into sections that could translate into the structure of the app and would make sense to the user.

Ultimately we designed the app into five sections —

  1. Find doctors

  2. Favorites

  3. Reports

  4. Referrals

  5. Menu

This made sure that the most important jobs the users hire the app for are easily available in the bottom bar itself.

A better look and feel

We focused on creating a Brand new look.

In our book, the Brand New Look meant cleaning up and setting the latest standards for the app. We wanted to create a Minimal nature for the app with the gentle gradients and clean, modern fonts.

Better Reports

The old reports lacked style. They looked difficult to make sense.

So we worked on creating the new reports that were clean, captured the essence, and presented in a beautiful interface.

Client’s Feedback

Sumeru has proven to be an invaluable partner for mobile application development, transforming our abstract idea into a tangible, market-ready product. Willing to go to the extra mile to deliver on time and under budget, the team made sure we were 100% satisfied before deeming the project complete.”

James Walters, MBA, PMP | Director of Data Services & Innovation, Femwell Group Health, Inc.

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